Welcome to Gratun, the focal point of the IFR campaign world

Like any custom campaign world, or any amateur fiction, it is a labour of love that I have grown probably too attached to. Something special about this particular setting is that much of it is intentionally undeveloped. At this point it is a city within a larger concept of a world, to be defined as necessary in order to sculpt it to my player’s needs.

The Campaign exists in a world that is called the “Known Lands”, essentially the area of territory that has been discovered by humans. Essentially a large human-only society has settled and mapped all this land out. It wasn’t a large body of water or a giant wall of mountains that defined the borders of the “Known Lands” but infighting between the human societies in a massive world war that has only ended shortly before the campaign begins.

This intense and large scale infighting has also cloaked the presence of what we know as magic. It has been separated from society long ago such that commoners are only aware of the existence of humans as a race and likely would discount a witnessing of magic as trick of the mind. Ancient organizations exist within these societies to keep the threat of magic out of everyday life.

Coming out on top of this great war is the City of Gratun, her and her allies won the war and left Gratun as the richest and most prosperous city in the known lands. After the war, Gratun looked to centralize the organizations tasked with shielding the public from the knowledge and impact of magic. The Institute of Foreign Relics, the new centralized home for “Agents of the Eye” is located in the Old Government district of the city. What appears to be just another old bureaucratic employer, whose use must be one of silent but somewhat essential government functions, houses the most important operation in the “Known Lands” .

Our Heroes are the newest “Agents of the Eye” in Gratun.

The Institute of Foreign Relics

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